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Some Questions You May Have

Do I need to download an app?
No. Live Grow Enjoy is a website, not an app. You don't need to download anything. You can access it from any device with internet connection. Just go to the website via your browser.

Why isn't it free?
We want to provide a quality service and that requires resources. We also want to keep this website free from commercials, adds and other distractions. Therefore we have a monthly fee for subscribing to our programs. But we have worked really hard to make the cost as low as possible to make it as affordable as possible.

Is this like therapy?
No! If you need therapy we urge you to seek professional help. It is important to get proper medical attention for all mental health issues. Rule of thumb; if you function well in every day life but want to improve or change things Live Grow Enjoy is for you. If you feel your capacity to cope with every day life is impaired you should turn to the health care system were you live for professional help.

Can I get personal coaching?
No, that is not a service we provide. We have constructed these programs to be cost effective and convenient for you to work with. If you want personal coaching or counselling there are many agencies, both on-line an in real life, that offer that.

How long does it take to complete a program?
We can't answer that. It depends on what program it is and at what pace you work you way through it. We think you need to work on a program for at least two months to get all the benefits. And we don't think you will need more than six months to complete any of our programs. But this is just a generalisation.

Is there a notice period?
No, you can cancel you subsption at any time. You subscription will then end when the period you have already paid for ends. There are no refunds on maid payments.

What is included?
When you subscribe to Live Grow Enjoy you get access to the programs and all content on the site. Right now there are three programs plus a special feature to help you deal with difficult moments.

Do I have to choose which program to do?
No, you get access to them all  and can do them all if you want.

Can I switch programs in the middle?
Yes, you can if you feel the need to. Just begin to work on the other program and then return to the first one when the time is right.

Can I do more than one program?
Yes, if it works for you, you can work on as many programs as you would like to at the same time. Sometimes you may want to concentrate on one ting at a time. But sometimes it can boost your spirits or be helpful to do more than one program at a time. There are no restrictions. It is up to you what works best for you.

What happens if I un-subscribe and then subscribe again?
Your content is saved for you and you get access to it if you subscribe again using the same email.

Do I have to subscribe for ever?
No, of course not. The things you learn in the programs will eventually become second nature to you. You can also print out the most important lessons and exercises for you to have as a reminder. Or you can come back at regular intervals just so make sure you keep the change alive. But at this low cost you may find it valuable to have a place for you and your work with yourself that is always there and ready for you. It's totally up to you.

Do you also have an app?
No we currently don't have an app. If we find in the future that there are advantages to be had we will create an app. But for now everything you need is right here on the website.